Living Room Area Rugs: 3 Popular Fine Rug Designs to Consider for Your Home

Last updated on: May 13, 2024

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Living Room Area Rugs: 3 Popular Fine Rug Designs to Consider for Your Home

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The living room is an essential part of the home.  Family members spend a lot of time here to relax and bond with each other. It’s also a place where guests are received. It’s why it’s important to keep living rooms cozy and inviting. And living room area rugs will do just that. 

 Planning and choosing the best and appropriate interior pieces are the keys to achieve a welcoming vibe in your living rooms. One of the most important pieces that can create the desired impression is an area rug. Not only does it help tie all the essential living room elements such as sofas, center tables, curtains, and wide windows, but also provide texture that makes a space more interesting.  

 Here are three kinds of popular handmade area rugs to consider to complete your living room interior ensemble.

 Oushak Oushak area rugs are made of fine and high-quality wool. This is because it is traditionally handwoven by people in Usak, a town in Western Anatolia that became a major producer of handmade wool carpets during the Ottoman Empire. Oushak rugs sport a symmetrical design. It is distinguished by its star or medallion patterns that start from the center out. Some Oushak rugs incorporate flourishes and floral themes. These designs are often lined in the borders. It is almost similar to the designs of Persian rugs but its colors are deeply influenced by the Mediterranean palette. 

 It usually comes in subtle earth tones such as terracotta, orange, yellow, red, and sometimes, blue and gray. Because of this, it is considered ideal in places with cold climates but most interior designers see this as a versatile and sophisticated type of area rug. Oushak rugs with traditional nature-inspired designs can go with pieces of furniture made of natural materials such as hardwood floors, stone tiles, driftwood, and soft, textured accents for a rustic feel. It can also go with modern pieces that contrast or complement its color. Some Oushak rugs also have contemporary designs.

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Kilim – Another popular type of handmade area rug is the Kilim rugs. It is regarded as one of the oldest types of area rug yet its design and uses transcend to modern time.  The Kilim rugs are woven in a flat-weaving technique which makes them lighter and pileless, unlike other wool-based rugs. This is because the Nomadic tribes of Turkey and Anatolia who traditionally produced the kilim rugs carried it with them every time they moved from one place to another to cover the floors in their tents. Presently, Kilim rugs are being used not only as area rugs but also as decorations in walls, tables, and chairs. Some even sew it as throw pillow covers. 

 Patterns of Kilim rugs range from the traditional motifs such as the hands-on-hips female figure and amulet to stripes or geometric designs which makes it a versatile area rug. Its color also varies so it is easy to play with it. For example, you can spice up a living room with a pared-back interior with a bold-colored Kilim rug to make it a focal point or just build up an energetic ambiance. You can also pick a rug with a color almost similar to your existing furniture for a monochromatic direction.


 The Moroccan rugs are thick and heavy-piled prized mostly for their cultural value. Historically, it is handwoven by the Moroccan and Berber tribes to be used as blankets, bed coverings, and sleeping mats to battle the harsh cold climate in the Atlas Mountains. Although some of the Moroccan area rugs have the ornate border design similar to the Oushak, it is mainly woven with ancient patterns being passed down from weavers to weavers. Sometimes, it tells the life phase of a woman such as birth and fertility and everything in between. Others have a more freestyled pattern depending on the creativity and expression the weaver wanted to convey. These antique characteristics also contributed to its elegance and beauty. The bold patterns and vintage feel make it an ideal fixture in a room. It can come in soft and neutral but mostly in striking and dramatic hues which is good for putting a pop of color in a room. It can also go well with contemporary décor. 

 Imagination is only the limit when it comes to designing your living room with area rugs. Despite having unique characteristics, these area rugs can help you in establishing your desired mood. Knowing more about them will give you ideas on how to play with them.

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