The Versatile Beauty of Tribal Rugs

Last updated on: May 13, 2024

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The Versatile Beauty of Tribal Rugs

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Handmade tribal area rugs are known for their unique and symbolic artistry. The bold colors and intricate patterns woven meticulously add a vibrant yet sophisticated charm that makes good statement pieces. Moroccan rugs, for example, have been popular for their remarkable geometric patterns and vibrant colors. These textiles that originated in the early centuries from the Atlas Mountain ranges have been distinguished pieces in the 20th century, which continue to thrive even in the constantly changing trends in design.


Tribal rugs as we know them today have become a kind of textile famous for decorative purposes. These are widely produced and popular for their distinct eye-catching designs. In the earlier times, these textiles have been woven by tribes, specifically nomadic tribes from different origins, for the sole purpose of staying warm. In their portable looms, every design and pattern is woven skillfully with significance. Each tribe produces their own unique design that communicates distinct tribal life and experience. Over time, as nomadic tribes have begun to settle, tribal rugs are also being made not only for private use. These rugs have become a global commodity that are universally admired not only because of its artistic contribution, but also of its symbolic importance.


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Modern handmade tribal area rugs are inspired by weavers from the 19th century. Rather than being passed down from generation to generation, tribal rugs have been reimagined and reinterpreted over time. This proves how tribal rugs have endured through the modern times. Kilim rugs are also known to be one of the oldest handcrafted rugs by nomadic tribes from Turkey and Anatolia. These flat-woven carpets that were originally made to provide warmth to travelling tribes have also found their way in the modern homes due to its versatility.

Tribal rugs, though constantly evolving, due to its distinct primitive aesthetic are considered timeless pieces. Not only does its complex design make it appealing, but also the vast chronicle of a tribe’s culture that emanates in tribal rugs also adds to its charm.



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