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Handwoven Persian rugs are highly prized for its unique craftsmanship and beauty. They’re also made of durable natural fibers that can last for generations. But they need to be taken care of properly which is why we’ve used our special knowledge of fine area rugs to develop a rug cleaning service that delivers the right results while preserving the value of your rugs. Arsin Rug Care only uses its own trained in-house professionals and proven techniques in rug cleaning to ensure you get topnotch rug services every time.

ARCare Rug Appraisal

The Arsin family has been in the rug business since 1910, they are proud that their legacy allowed the adornment of thousands of homes with each magnificent piece that was carried down. We believe this intimate knowledge on how these one-of-a-kind rugs are made is what sets us apart when it comes to providing a reliable and trustworthy area rug appraisal.

ARCare Appraisal Services

There are two ways to get an ARCare Persian rug appraisal; verbal and written. For verbal valuation, our experts will discuss all necessary information about the rug being appraised and provide an accurate, comparable, and fair estimate of its value. However, there will be no official documentation of the appraisal that can be used for legal purposes. For rug owners who just want a reliable opinion on current values of rugs, this type will do.

A written and signed appraisal is a legally binding document that rug owners can use to get insurance estimates, for tax planning, or to simply add more value to their properties. It’s a good idea to get a written valuation for antique rugs to add to its provenance.

Persian Rug Appraisal: The Basics

Purpose of the appraisal – Is the rug for sale? Is the appraisal for insurance or tax purposes? Appraisers need to know this beforehand so they can prepare proper documentation and resources.

Origin and age of rug – Centuries-old, antique area rugs from Persia or modern-day Iran can run well into the million-dollar range in value especially if there is available provenance. On the other hand, it should be pointed out that many Oriental rugs manufactured today are classified as ‘antiques’ or Vintage’ based on design and color. While these are still authentic Persian rugs, they don’t have the same value as those heirloom pieces from the old world.

Design and condition of the rug – Rug designs often offer a clue to the origin and age of the rug which appraisers are trained to look for. The condition of the rug can also affect its value; rug damage is easily identifiable against natural aging.

Rug size and material used – Handmade rugs take a long time to make especially the ones that come in big dimensions. This dictates pricing as well as the kind of fiber used for weaving them. Wool is considered the best and holds the most value in an appraisal.

ARCare Loaner Area Rug Program

Professional Persian rug cleaning takes time which means some areas of the home are left exposed without protection from dust and other dirt particles when you avail of our services. Arsin Rug Care promises a hassle and worry-free experience which is why we are ready to provide our clients with leaner area rugs while we work on their beloved Oriental carpet pieces.

How it Works:
When a client agrees to avail of ARCare Rug Services, we will measure the rug that will be serviced and find one with the same style and dimensions in our collection. Once the rug for servicing is ready for pick-up, we will bring in the loaner area rug that the client can use and enjoy for free while their rug is being cleaned or repaired. When the original rug has been serviced and ready to return to the client, our professionals will remove the loaner rug as well as install the original freshly cleaned rug. In case the homeowner decides to keep the loaner rug, Arsin Rug Gallery can provide available purchase options such as trades or possible discounts.

Guaranteed Pricing and On-Time Delivery

our rug repair price quotes are accurate, competitive, and guaranteed to remain the same until all work has been completed. We can also assure our clients on-time delivery of area rugs as stated on the job order form.

Persian Rug Shipping and Storage

ARCare also provides area rug storage and shipping for homeowners who are planning to do house repairs, renovations or planning a move to a different location. Our team of experts will ensure each rug is given the best protection and handled with utmost care.

Storage and Shipping- We professionally wrap all rugs in a special acid-free paper that will help protect them from moisture and insects. We also store rugs in a climate controlled, clean, dry, insect and rodent free environment storage facility until they are ready to ship out.

Delivery- We can ship any purchased or ARCare serviced area rug to any home, office, or location in the United States. We assure our clients a safe and on-time delivery as a guarantee as stated on the job orde form. Additinally our professional will move any furniture needed to perform a successful install.

Arsin Rug Rentals

We have an extensive collection of Oriental rugs that can be rented for the following:

  • Weddings
  • Red Carpet Events
  • Film and TV Production
  • Photoshoots for Magazines, Instagram
  • Home Staging
  • Corporate Events
  • Showrooms

Long-term and short-term rentals available

ARCare Rug Pads

Persian rugs are known for ‘rug creeping’ or the inability to stay in place especially when there’s heavy foot traffic. This can lead to safety issues and eventually rug damage if left unchecked. Rug pads are strongly recommended to help lengthen the life of your area rug. Our team of experts at ARcare can remedy this by adding professional grade rug pads under your rug. Our rug pads are non-slip, can prevent movement of the rug, absorb sound and prevent wear and tear from foot traffic.

We can custom-cut and install rug pads to fit perfectly under any Oriental rug or area rug while guaranteeing protection and damages of these valuable pieces. Rug pads are not only essential in preventing area rug movement but also allow owners to properly vacuum. In addition, ARCare rug pads have added antimicrobial properties that help prevent mildew and mold formations.

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