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Though we provide outstanding service with an absolute customer satisfaction guarantee, Arsin Rug Care also offers additional services for your convenience. In addition to oriental rug cleaning, area rug cleaning, and rug repair we provide customers with other care service options including oriental rug appraisals, rug storage, rug rental, rug padding, and other services for all your rug needs.


  • Persian Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Turkish Rugs
  • Afghan Rugs
  • Antique Rugs
  • Moroccan Rugs
  • All Handwoven Area Rugs


Pre-Cleaning Consultation and Inspection

Arsin Rug Care is all about meeting expectations and we make every effort to keep our clients in the loop for all the services we provide. We start by careful assessment of the rug and learning about its usage as well as upkeep history from its owner. We determine the following factors that will help us deliver the best cleaning results:

  • Type of rug
  • Age of the rug since purchase or acquisition
  • Foot traffic in the household (human and pets)
  • The frequency of cleaning and maintenance
  • Types of cleaning agents and equipment used
  • Types of stains, odor, and other issues


Dye and Color Testing

Oriental rugs are famous for vibrant and exquisite colors because of natural dyes used in making them. Color bleeding of these dyes can ruin an expensive rug which is caused by different factors including improper cleaning and neglect. It’s why it’s a crucial stage in ARCare rug cleaning process to perform a test to see whether or not the rug will “bleed” before subjecting them to immersion and washing.


Dust and Debris Removal

Wool can collect dust and debris over time without showing signs of being dirty which makes it an ideal material for making Oriental rugs. We make sure to properly remove them first by vacuuming and dusting equipment designed to be harsh on dirt but gentle on area rugs.


Stains and Dirt Spots Removal

Once the dust and other dirt particles are removed from the Persian rug, our next priority is to address stains and dirt spots that are not only unpleasant to look at but can also damage the rug if left untreated. Using special eco and pet-friendly solutions, our cleaning specialists will find all these problem areas with surgical precision to soften them up or remove them prior to handwashing.


Persian Rug Handwashing

After taking care of all the stains, spots, and odor problems, it is time to give the rug a full bath and handwashing treatment. We use cold water and mild cleaning agents to make sure we keep the integrity of the rugs especially those made from wool and silk fibers. Handwashing might sound like a tedious process but it’s a time-tested method for cleaning Oriental area rugs that allows our specialists to “feel” every fiber for much deeper cleaning.


Rug Drying

One of the most persistent issues many rug owners complain about is shrinkage of their precious Oriental rugs. Almost all cases point to a common culprit – application of heat. Using hot water for cleaning, heated cleaning equipment, and drying rugs using heaters will cause them to shrink as well as create other cleaning issues. For this reason, Arsin Rug Care only uses air drying process for our rug cleaning service in a climate-controlled environment.


Detailing & Grooming

While our primary mission is to get rid of dirt and other unhygienic particles in Persian rugs that could potentially cause health hazards to homeowners and their beloved pets, we also make sure that the area rugs we work on are returned well-groomed; with natural wool fibers regaining its softness back.

Once the drying process is done, our specialists will work on the fringes of the rug, or what most people refer to as tassels, which are the most challenging to clean because of its tendency to break off especially if it’s been subjected to bleaching or other chemical cleaning solutions.
Using special cleaners, the fringes will undergo a thorough hand scrubbing to get rid of deposited dirt and grime. After it’s been dried off, they will be gently brushed with a comb made from horse hair. This will condition the fibers making them soft and pleasant to touch.


Post-Cleaning Inspection

Arsin Rug Care’s oriental rug cleaning process will be put to a test when it undergoes a final inspection. The rug is thoroughly checked for moisture, stains, as well as the presence of other contaminants and odor. We also do a walk-through and visual inspection to ensure everything is clean and the colors are intact. Each rug we service comes with a satisfaction guarantee – if it doesn’t meet client expectations, we do it all over again free of charge.


Pet Stain Cleaning

Oriental rugs are warm and cozy not just to the human touch but also for house pets like cats and dogs. As lovable and cuddly as they are, there’s no denying the terrible damage animal urine can wreak on area rugs not to mention fur and other contaminants they bring inside homes.
For rug owners who disclose pet residue issues, Arsin Rug Care uses a special enzyme treatment process for disinfecting rugs and eliminating nasty pet urine odors. It’s important to do this step before full handwashing to avoid spreading the contamination to other parts of the rug.


ARCare Eco-Friendly and Pet-Safe Cleaning Solutions

All Oriental rug cleaning products and methods we use are not only guaranteed safe for use on delicate fibers like wool and silk but also kind to the environment. We also ensure that all the solutions we apply to Persian rugs we service have no adverse effects on common house pets like dogs and cats.



Always consult a professional like Arsin Rug Care before subjecting an authentic, handwoven area rug to any cleaning procedure. More often than not, rug damage is caused by neglect or using inappropriate cleaning methods rather than accumulated dirt.

Remove soil and dirt regularly either by vacuuming or shaking the rug. The accumulation of these tiny particles, if unchecked, can cause abrasion in the rug fibers that will eventually break them down causing damage that would require costly repairs.

Uneven wearing is a common problem with Oriental rugs which can easily be remedied by turning them at least once a year. It’s important to note the flow and frequency of foot traffic over the rug to have an idea when it’s time to turn it.

Color deterioration is not only caused by dirt or by time but also through exposure to sunlight. Make sure that area rugs are not exposed to UV rays for long periods of time to prevent excessive color degradation.

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