Arsin Rug Gallery is your one stop shop to professional rug services and commits to finding you the perfect design.

Originally getting their start in Tehran’s famous Grand Bazaar in 1910, the Arsin family has devoted three generations to establishing a reputation for carrying the finest quality rugs in the market, both abroad and now in the U.S.

Arsin Rug Gallery, the family’s latest expansion, is located in the  Dallas Design Center. Containing an ever changing inventory of over 7,000 rugs and carpets, this gallery features Persian, Turkish, Oriental, and European rugs and carpets. The gallery includes a mix of antiques, reproductions and the newest modern styles from around the world. In addition to the large inventory, Arsin also includes an option to custom design any rug.

About Arsin Rug Gallery

About James

Born and raised in Iran, James Arsin has called Dallas home for 10+ years. He has acquired his love of classical artistry from his Persian upbringing and those roots still speak to his soul today. With his warm-hearted energy and tireless work ethic, James personally oversees each design project from all of his clients. He believes living well involves comfort, elegance and a touch of art and he ingrains this in his gallery, throughout his business, and most evidently in his rugs.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Saeid Arsin prides himself on his collection of unique handmade, one-of-a-kind fine rugs. His specialized experience, combined with approach to management and business have paved the way for a second Houston, Texas location and opened a third location in Los Angeles, California. He ensures his team personally controls every aspect of production, and strives to provide options that help coordinate the balance between beauty and function in each of his rugs.

About Saeid