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Arsin Rug Gallery is your one-stop shop for professional antique Persian rugs and rug services. We offer repairs and hand wash cleaning services with safe and gentle products. Arsin Rug Gallery Originally getting their start in Tehran’s famous Grand Bazaar in 1910, the Arsin family has devoted three generations to establishing a reputation for carrying the finest quality rugs and maintaining one of the most remarkable antique rug collections in Dallas, TX.

In addition to antique collections, the inventory contains Persian, Moroccan, Afghan, Pakistan, Egypt, and Turkish rugs carefully hand woven and knotted both abroad and now in the U.S.

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Arsin Rug Services


Rug Collection

Our cutting edge rug collection offers beautiful designs, alluring colors and comfortable textures that are a fit for any home.Learn More »

Rug Cleaning

Our expert rug cleaning services use safe and gentle cleansers to treat a variety of rug types, including Persian, Moroccan, Afghan, and Turkish rugs.Learn More »

Rug Repair

Our rug repair technicians are able to restore many antique rugs and textiles made from natural fibers, thereby returning them to their original and natural appearance.Learn More »


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