3 Creative Ways to Decorate Homes with Antique Rugs

Last updated on: May 13, 2024

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3 Creative Ways to Decorate Homes with Antique Rugs

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Beautiful handmade antique Persian rugs can definitely influence a room’s atmosphere and ambiance. It’s why designers give it a lot of thought, ensuring all elements of a space match its intended interior design. Placing the perfect rug in one’s family room, for example, would require careful consideration. Since it’s a common area where family members socialize and come together, decorating with a rug contributes to creating a feeling of warmth and coziness. 

Naturally, not all rugs would look good in every room. A lot of factors should be looked into – the size of the rug, design, color, and even the intricate patterns that adorn them.. It often takes time to select a rug that would fit in the overall design of a room or space. It’s why many designers prefer using antique rugs. They blend well with almost all interior design schemes. They’re also well-known for their increasing value as they age and having rare designs created centuries ago. 

When decorating with an antique rug, functionality and visual appeal are key. You can elevate any space in your home with these three creative ways to decorate with antique rugs. 



In the Hallway

Add some style and show off a rectangular antique rug in your hallway. It’s best to place a vibrant and patterned rug, since the hallway is a high foot traffic space. An antique carpet with heavy graphic design and high-contrasting colors will also make wear and tear damage less visible. The rectangular shape adds to the fun by creating a visual path for guests. 

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In the Bedroom 

Not only adding warmth, rugs can also boost your bedroom’s interior. Although they are considered intimate spaces that visitors rarely get to see, styling and matching a perfect antique area rug can make your personal space more homey and comfortable. Make sure that the rug design, room walls, and furniture complement each other. A rug with eye-catching patterns would pop in a room with subtle wall colors and furniture. A consistent color scheme can also affect the room’s overall mood. 

On the Wall 

Handmade antique Persian rugs don’t always have to be placed on floors, they can be used on walls.  It’s a great way to showcase an antique rug handed down as a family heirloom. You wouldn’t want people to walk over on something so precious and valuable to you. Moreover, the rich, intricate designs of antique rugs are considered works of art by many collectors and art lovers. You can also use rugs with defined borders and vibrant decorative patterns that will look like a framed artwork worthy of a space on your wall. 

No matter where you place a rug, careful consideration should be made to create the ideal space that you are creating. After all, the perfect place you should be going home to shouldn’t just be visually appealing, but most importantly comfortable for all the members of the family. 

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