Why Turkish Rugs Are Popular Among Interior Designers


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Turkish rugs are another type of rug that are widely known and loved, especially by designers because of their highly decorative appeal. Also referred as Anatolian rugs, these originated in Turkey, which has also been one of the most significant rug producing countries for centuries. Production of Turkish rugs date back to the 13th century. 

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Weaving is an important cultural practice in Turkey which is regarded as a high art form, just like in other regions known for carpet production. Woven by tribes to ward off cold, Turkish area rugs over time were used as floor coverings. These, then, have been recognized as one of the first textile products to be exported to Western consumers. 

Antique Turkish rugs are famous for their elegant designs and beautiful quality. Many antique Turkish rugs are woven in larger scale design patterns that come in muted and pastel colors. There are also a variety of Turkish carpets that embody the artistic expressions of Turkish culture. Earlier designs of rugs from Turkey commonly feature stacked medallions that were decorated with floral elements. Later on, the central medallion pattern became a famous design woven in these rugs, which also became a defining style of Oriental rugs. Animal designs were also later introduced, including differing shapes of medallions such as star-shaped and circular. 


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Turkish rugs are known also for their flat weave that are thinner and lighter. There are the Cicim, Sumak and Kilim, which are all made without knots. Cicim has additional wrapping, while Sumak are Cicim with embroidery on them. Then, there is the Hah, which is double-knotted making them thicker than the other kinds. These are primarily made with cotton, silk, and wool, or a mixture of these three. 

Throughout the years, many changes have influenced the design of Turkey rugs. They have been producing a variety of decorative rugs featuring symbols and patterns from Safavid Persia illustrated in the distinct Turkish technique. This gives designers a comprehensive selection of rugs that go well in different room designs and types of spaces.

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