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Donegal Rugs, also referred to as Irish Rugs, are exquisite rugs with a century worth of history and tradition. This prominent rug is from Donegal, Ireland by Alexander Morton, a Scottish textile manufacturer, in 1898. However, the technique of the rug originated from the Donegal people.

These Irish Donegal Rugs are renowned internationally and can be spotted in distinguished places such as the White House, Notre Dame University, and Dublin Castle. It can also be found in churches.


When Morton started manufacturing Irish Donegal Rugs through his company, Gustav Stickley, an entrepreneur, was one of its first patrons. Eventually, the exquisite carpets from Donegal, Ireland were able to gain the spotlight through Stickley. It happened when he decided to display the carpets in Grafton, a gallery in London. The impeccable artistry of Donegal Rugs caught the attention of people which led to its success.

However, the Great Depression in 1987 ceased the production of the antique Donegal. It took a decade before the government decided to reopen due to a public petition.


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The design of Donegal Rugs is mainly Celtic and shows the rich culture of Ireland through its contemporary art. Moreover, it is made of wool and its colors are based on the taste of the client. It can be seen in each antique Donegal carpet the best bit of traditional arts in medieval arts. Also, a blend of decorative expressions from Europe and Spain is present as well.

During its earliest designs, the Celtic patterns of Donegal Rugs were more prominent. However, it has transformed into neoclassical or abstract from contemporary as time went by. Nonetheless, its beauty and quality were still retained and it still remains one of the most sought-after rugs in the market.

Aside from its superb craftsmanship, it was how it was able to adapt to the times and transform based on the preference of its patrons are some of the best features of Donegal Rugs. It is a carpet full of personality and tradition that will surely make your home more alluring.

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