Guide to Oriental Rugs: Indian Rugs

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Guide to Oriental Rugs: Indian Rugs

Indian rugs have been giving Persian and Turkish rugs a run for their money in recent times. While Persians are renowned for magnificent thousand-year-old rugs, Indian rugs have also been around for centuries. Apart from age, they are admired for their fine weaves and high knot counts that constitute beautiful and intricate designs. And these are finding their way into beautiful homes all over the world.

There are many kinds of rugs produced in India but the most important are the Agra rugs, which are made in the city of Agra. They are well-regarded for their unique, delicate color palette, and highly decorative designs. This is because arts and culture have been well-supported in India – as historical accounts would describe, especially during the reign of Mughal emperor, Akbar, in the 16th century. Rug weaving which was considered a high form of art has flourished since. These luxurious floor coverings that were woven in the highest quality and materials were sent as gifts to palaces in India and around the world.


Due to the emperors’ interest in Persian carpets, Persian weaving has been introduced in the Indian carpet industry. This was an effort to enhance the handicraft and production of these luxury items. As a result, the elegance and fine weaving from the Persian influence is apparent with the rugs from India. With this, Persian rug designs can be surely found in the majority of antique Indian rugs. Since then, rug weaving in India has continued to prosper until the present time. Today, Indian rugs are known as one of the highly desirable rugs all over the world.

Indian area rugs are commonly made with cotton, silk and wool. They usually feature warm earth tones in them, such as red, green and yellow, and sometimes in pastel shades. Some of the designs commonly seen in these are swirling vines often accompanied with animals like birds and even humans. They are highly suited in traditional room designs, although they can be great pieces to be added in a modern setting. Wherever you put them, their rich colors and peculiar patterns will definitely shine and give your room a touch of elegance.


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