Guide to Oriental Rugs: Caucasian Rugs

Caucasian rugs
Antique Russian Shirvan rug. 11135

Caucasian rugs are made by the villagers of Caucasus. They are widely produced since the end of the 18th century, and are famous for their geometric and tribal design, woven in bold primary colors. Caucasian tribal rugs feature harmonious color combinations of reds, blues and yellows.

Several tribes resided along the mountainous range of Caucasus, after they were driven out from their areas. They eventually started weaving carpets in their portable looms for their own daily use. By the end of the 18th century, the mountainous region of Caucasus has been a major rug producing area, and in the 19th century it has been largely producing Caucasian area rugs for export under official Russian control. Among the famous Caucasian tribal weavings are the Kazak, Karabagh, and Shirvan. These are tribal rugs that can be good choices for your modern home.

Shirvan Caucasian Rugs

Shirvan rugs are produced in the south of the Caucasus mountain range and east of Gendje and west of the Baku peninsula. These are finely knotted and sophisticated carpets which emerged in the region through exploring several possible variations of designs and patterns with the use of their limited color palette. This includes floral and geometric designs containing stars, crosses, animals, and cruciform medallions.

Caucasian Karabagh Rugs

Antique Persian Karabagh rug. 76042

Karabagh rugs originated in the southern part of the Caucasus mountains which is the Karabagh region. These carpets show off the Armenian and Azerajiani cultures and traditions. They feature intricate tribal geometric and medallion motifs which also consist of folk art and animal figures. Compared to other Caucasian rugs, Karabagh rugs have longer piles and are coarser.

Kazak Rugs

Antique Russian Kazak rug. 11180

Kazak is located in the Republic of Armenia, which is northwest of Lake Sewan. Kazak carpets were woven in the highest reaches of the Caucasus mountains which would be translated in the large archetypal motifs and great proportions. They are best known as the largest tribal rugs from Caucasus. Not only that, they are recognized for their striking aesthetic which features a variety of creative designs.

These antique Caucasian rugs feature great artistry of the creative tribal people in the Caucasus. They have woven every piece carefully, while at the same time ensuring the highest quality of design and materials. If you want to add a touch of tribal feel in your home, these are the perfect rugs to go.

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