Extraordinary 200 Year-Old Antique Turkish Rug Finds Its Way to Dallas Rug Store

Antique Turkish Oushak rug Circa 1820-1840.

As purveyors of some of the finest rugs in the world, we come across centuries-old carpets all the time. We’ve seen them in virtually all kinds of conditions; from the best to the worst. But every so often, a rug comes from out of the blue to remind us of what ‘one of a kind’ truly means. This magnificent Oushak rug from the 1820s is one of them.

Antique Rug with 13th Century Poetry

It’s not unusual to see markings and text on Persian and Turkish rugs. In fact, many famous rug makers from ancient times add their ‘signatures’ to their work akin to what great painters and artists do with their masterpieces. But what makes the writing special on this particular piece is that it’s a verse from a poem made by one of the most important prose writers of the 13th century, the Persian Saadi Shirazi.

Translated, the verse reads:

‘The homa excels all other birds in nobility

Because it feeds on bones and injures no living thing’

Homa or Huma is a mythical bird found in Persian legends and folklore but many scholars believe Saadi’s verse is a reference to a vulture. While containing text from a great Persian poet is in itself incredible, what really stood out for us is the fact that the rug was made more than 500 years after Saadi’s death. Given his influence and fame in world literature, it’s no surprise that someone would use a couple of lines from his work and painstakingly weave them into an area rug. But there’s always the possibility that whoever made it could be a descendant or someone with direct ties to him or his body of work.

Unusual Oushak Rug Colors

Oushaks are the most popular among Turkish rugs because of its colors and use of floral patterns. Designers love using them as a way to add warmth and soften the effects of furniture on a space especially in modern homes. Cinnamon and terracotta colorways are traditionally used for these carpets which is why we were surprised to see the yellow mixed with soft hues of blue and green combined in this rug. For a 200-year old piece of floor art, it screams modern and contemporary which is something that we’ve never seen before.

Find Inspiration in Dallas Design District’s Arts and Antiques

Dallas Design District is more than just a section of the Big D where people go to shop for home decor, art and antique showpieces. It’s also a place to seek inspiration for creative minds. It’s really incredible what you can find here, just like this rare Turkish rug we have on display in our showroom. It sparks the imagination and can take you on a wild ride through its history and marvelous beauty.

Author: Carlo Vincent Mollenido


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