3 Reasons Why Demand for Antique Oriental Rugs Will Never Go Away

Antique Persian Tabriz Rug Circa 1880

Antique oriental rugs were primarily made for personal use by villagers in the 16th century. However due to their elegance and undeniable beauty, they became a commodity for trade in the western countries, and eventually all over the world. And even though they were made centuries ago, they continue to thrive even in modern times. And it seems that the demand for these prized textiles would still go on even in the future as long as they are available in the market. Below are three reasons why the demand for oriental antique rugs will never go away.

Inimitable Design

The distinctive art in each of the antique oriental carpets is one of the reasons why it is so in demand. Oriental weavers wove each rug deliberately, with culture-rich designs depending on the region or country they are from. Oriental countries include India, China, Pakistan, Iran, and more, which means there are endless varieties of oriental rugs woven with various distinct histories embedded in each of it.

Awe-inspiring Handicraft

Oriental carpets boast incredible workmanship. Every piece is handwoven and unique, like it is made just for you. They are also made from naturally-dyed wool which means their colors are richer. Their striking colors definitely add energy and vibrance to any room they are placed.
Of course, weavers also learned their talent to create nuanced designs that maximize the use of their dyed materials.

Long-lasting Quality

The unyielding fame of antique oriental rugs would not have endured for centuries since their creation if they were not made with high quality durable materials. These were made with wool, sometimes mixed with cotton and silk. Thus, they are woven with quality and hard-wearing materials without compromising comfort. That is why these antique rugs last for centuries, especially when they are maintained or preserved properly.

These are some of the several factors that contribute to what makes antique oriental rugs never go out of style. The design of a rug tells about its country of origin. The rich history that emanates through their craft is what makes them special even through the constant change in design and trend.

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