Antique Rugs: The Elegance of Tabriz and Kerman Rugs

Last updated on: May 13, 2024

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Antique Rugs: The Elegance of Tabriz and Kerman Rugs

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Among antique rugs, two of the most highly sought-after designs are the Tabriz and Kerman. These fine rugs add great character to any living space as well as timeless elegance which is why designers love using them.

Both Tabriz and Kerman rugs have been consistently popular among collectors and affluent homeowners for centuries. And even today, the demand has never waned despite the emergence of more modern designs.

These antique rugs carry the weavers’ rich history and culture from their respective cities behind each beautifully handcrafted piece. Get to know how these fine rugs came about and how they can be a great addition to your homes.

Tabriz is a major city in Northwest Iran, which has been one of the centers of rug production for so many years. Due to the city’s exposure to a great deal of production in the trade market, Tabriz rugs have been produced in various qualities and designs. Antique Tabriz commonly comes in elaborate floral designs with palmettos and center medallions. Some of the many popular motifs woven in Tabriz rugs are the four seasons which tell a story of the life of the Persian farmer during spring, summer, fall, and winter. These usually come in warm earth colors and come in jewel tones and pale blue or pastels. They are delicately hand-woven into densely-knotted textiles, usually in a symmetrical knot and double-weft with a cotton foundation. Tabriz rugs are of the short pile and made with wool or silk.

Meanwhile, the city of Kerman is located in the central south-eastern of Iran. It was also one of the most significant trading areas and major weaving centers since the 17th century. Just like the typical Persian rug, Kerman rugs bear curvilinear floral patterns with a central medallion. Other designs include the tree-of-life, a garden, or images telling a story on significant figures or historical events. One of the most notable Kerman weavings is the so-called ‘vase carpets’ which refers to allover flower designs and oversized palmettes with vases. This is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of carpet-weaving in the late 16th century to the mid-17th century. Kerman rugs usually feature the traditional Persian reds and blues and sometimes a variation of colors. Kerman weavers are also recognized for their excellent weaving technique. These are known as asymmetrical tight Persian knots that create a well-constructed finish.

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Both Tabriz and Kerman rugs feature masterful weaving techniques and aesthetics, not to mention their excellent quality that is proven to last for centuries. These were also commonly made with wool and/or silk is known to be the best qualities because they are the strongest and most resilient, especially when placed in high traffic areas such as the living room and dining room. These rugs are especially great to be placed in these rooms too as they create interest in these areas usually meant for socializing.

Depending on one’s taste, these fine area rugs are also good in bedrooms. You can create a royal theme for your personal space by putting an antique Persian rug in your bedroom since they commonly feature royal court motifs and central medallions. The floral and nature-inspired motifs also add a graceful touch to your room.

Although the quality of Persian carpets produced today is no longer comparable to those produced centuries ago, these are still considered in the highest class of handwoven rugs. These magnificent area rugs will definitely add grandeur and elegance to your living space.

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