3 Practical Reasons Why You Should Consider Kilim Carpets For Layering Area Rugs

3 Practical Reasons Why You Should Consider Kilim Carpets For Layering Area Rugs

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Incredible combo. Moroccan rug over Turkish Kilim.


It’s no secret that rolling out a rug creates an impact on the design and overall mood of a space. You may not realize it but area rugs are actually great design tools. It allows you to play with various elements like colors, patterns, and textures that you might want to use in your room. But there are so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming. How do you pick just one?

If you feel like splurging on multiple rugs for a room, you can layer them up. Layering is a fun way to decorate your floor. It’s easy and with the right combination of rugs, you’ll have guests raving about your home in no time.

There are different rug styles that will work well together as layers but the Kilim rug stands out as an excellent option as a base layer piece. Kilims are flat woven and lightweight rugs. They are handwoven, pileless textiles made of wool which is a highly durable material used in making fine area rugs. They also come in simple geometric and linear patterns that are easy to mix and match with other rug designs.

Here are the three practical reasons why you should consider kilim rugs when layering carpets.

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Easy to handle and clean

When layering, choose a base rug first. Flatweave rugs like Kilims are the best option. The linear patterns give it a solid feel without distracting attention from the top rug. Unlike heavy pile rugs, they are lightweight, easy to clean and move around. Fine kilim rugs do not also shed since they don’t have piles.

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A common misconception often heard about flatweaves is that they don’t last. On the contrary, most antique kilim rugs that are centuries old are made of wool. Some also contain cotton and silk. This just shows that Kilim area rugs are hardy enough for high traffic areas, especially if you are planning to layer it with another rug.

Cost and Availability

Kilims, in general, are less pricey compared to other Oriental rug styles. This makes them a practical choice for use as base layers. And with simple designs, it doesn’t take long to custom order one especially if you want a specific color palette.

Layering rugs is another creative way to spruce up your favorite space at home. You can visit a rug store and try out different combinations before deciding what to get.

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