3 Tips for DIY Area Rug Cleaning

Last updated on: May 13, 2024

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3 Tips for DIY Area Rug Cleaning

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DIY area rug cleaning can be a challenge but if you take the time to learn how to do it right, it will not only save you money but also help prolong the life of your beloved rugs. 

Handwoven carpets made from organic materials such as wool and silk are known to last for ages. In fact, it’s the biggest selling point of Persian and Oriental carpets – they increase in value over time as antique heirloom pieces. But this notion of being ‘indestructible’ has misled many rug owners into thinking these type of area rugs don’t require special attention. On the contrary, without proper care, even the most durable of rugs will not last very long.

If you own an antique carpet or any kind of handmade rug, keep these things in mind the next time you plan to do a DIY area rug cleaning:

Traditional Persian rugs are colored using natural dyes. To offset the impact of mass-produced rugs on their livelihood, many rug manufacturers today are using synthetic dyes. However, the most valuable pieces still use natural dyes and it’s crucial to know this bit before subjecting your rug to any type of cleaning.

Why is this necessary? Natural dyes easily wash off which results in ‘color bleeding.’ You can test the rug yourself but since most, if not all, handwoven rugs have several colors, you run the risk of contamination which would make it tougher to clean. Taking your rug to an expert cleaner will ensure that color integrity is preserved which is a big part of what makes Oriental rugs beautiful.

Bleach and other cleaning chemicals can damage wool and other organic fibers. Wool rugs are durable and can even resist fire. But they don’t do so well against bleach or other household cleaning agents that contain chemicals capable of destroying the natural properties of wool, silk, and organic materials used for making these beautiful rugs. If your rug needs deep cleaning, it’s best not to risk using chemicals to avoid any damage that will surely impact the value of your carpet. Find a professional to do it.

Persian rugs require deep cleaning and a big space to do it in. Handwoven rugs are able to absorb a ton of dirt before you really need to clean them. But when the time comes, you need to be ready to do some heavy lifting and find a suitable spot to do it. Deep cleaning a rug requires hand washing which means getting wet – something you can’t do inside your home. And even if you can find a place to do it on your own, you can still risk damage to your rug if you don’t allow it to dry properly or use the right techniques.

Getting professional rug cleaning help doesn’t come cheap but it’s worth every penny. You not only save yourself the hassle but also ensure that everything is done right. In addition to cleaning your carpet, a rug expert can also check for damages that you may have overlooked and fix them for you if necessary. It’s a great way to preserve and extend the life of something that brings beauty to your home. 

Author: Carlo Vincent Mollenido


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