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One of the world’s most important carpet producing areas. The history of Turkey, its cultural heritage, the influence of foreign invaders, the great migration in the Tenth Century of tribes that settled on the shores of The Bosphorus…all played a role in the development of the Anatolian carpet. The Greeks, the Roman, the Crusaders, introduced Western culture to the shores of the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea. The Achaemenids, the Seljuks, and later the Ottomans, all brought a rich variety of designs to central Anatolia. In time, these decorative elements from east and west merged to form a purely Anatolian style. Even the invasion by the Mongols left its mark in the form of new decorative motifs.

The mother teaches her daughter at the carpet loom as she inherits her mother’s artistic sense. Take the town of Zara, for instance…a town devoid of any tradition of culture, whose peasant women produce carpets without any exposure to the arts. She weaves simply because she has inherited her skill and artistry.

The rugs and carpets of Anatolia draw on this rich history of its people and its past. They are some of the most unique in all of the weaving areas of the world. Every village is different, every town unique in its production. The roots travel deep, and the rugs and carpets of Anatolia reflect all of this.

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