10’3″ x 12’7″


Modern Turkish area rug made of handwoven sheep’s wool of the finest quality. It’s colored with organic vegetable dyes that are certified safe for humans and pets alike. It features a blue center field with flower medallion patterns in red, blue and gold associated with Oushak weaving from ancient Anatolia in Turkey. It also has two reddish rectangular borders that add an element of symmetry. This modern Turkish rug has a nice 10’ x 12’ size which suits large living areas and drawing rooms perfectly. It’s a magnificent piece to complement contemporary, traditional, and mid-century modern interiors. 


Oushak rug weaving is centered on floral motifs and intricate medallions appearing on the field which are mesmerizing and stunning to look at. They commonly appear in terracotta and nature-inspired colors such as brown, beige, rust, blue, green and orange that make them stand out in any type of flooring or even as wall decor.


The Rose Collection is a showcase of our most recent area rug creations using traditional Oushak weaving and design patterns. They were made by artisans who were handed down the ancient art of handweaving by their ancestors which they’ve managed to preserve and remains the same today even after more than 2,500 years.

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