11’4″ x 14’9″


 A new production Persian rug handwoven from the finest sheep’s wool and colored with all-natural vegetable dyes that are safe for humans and pets. It’s a traditional Kilim flat-weave design featuring a lovely ivory field with blue and orange stripes. It’s a beautiful piece to get for modern, contemporary and rustic spaces. It has a large 10’ x 14’ which is ideal for living and dining rooms as well as bedrooms and kitchens.


Kilims are flat-woven rugs that trace its roots in ancient Turkey which came under the rule of the Persian empire. This rug can easily be identified by its lack of pile which is often found in other oriental carpets. The Kilim was initially valued for its versatile utilitarian use in homes but soon gained commercial value due to its unique designs. Today, they are highly-prized by collectors and designers, especially antique Kilims, due to the fact that most of them were made for personal use of weavers rather than for trade or commerce.

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