7’0″ x 10’0″


Antique Persian rug handwoven from the finest sheep’s wool and colored with all-natural vegetable dyes that are safe for humans and pets. It’s a traditional Isfahan design featuring colored floral details. It has an ivory center field with a navy blue border, making it a stunning piece for decorating modern, contemporary, and rustic spaces. It has a dimension of 7’ x 10’ which is ideal as a centerpiece in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas.

Isfahan is one of the most recognizable names of Persian rugs in the world and for good reasons. It’s an ancient city in Iran that was once the seat of power during the reign of the great Shah Abbas. It’s also home to many of the finest Persian architectural works that heavily influenced the rugs produced in the city. The famous Silk Road was diverted to pass through Isfahan so the Safavid Empire could monopolize the trading route, ensuring its finest rugs were on top of merchants’ shopping list. It’s why Isfahan rugs are considered the most valuable, especially the antique pieces.

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