4’3″ x 7’6″


Antique Persian area rug handwoven from the finest sheep’s wool. It’s colored with all-natural vegetable dyes that are safe for humans and pets. It’s a traditional Bakhtiar design handwoven by expert artisans. It’s a lovely area rug that can be incorporated with virtually any home interior design. It has a dimension of 4’3″ x 7’6″ which works well for living rooms, hallways and bedrooms.

Bakhtiar or Bakhtiari rugs are among the most popular and highly desirable Persian tribal rugs. Most of the carpets produced by the Bakhtiari weavers were made either for their own use or commissioned by the tribe khans which meant every piece must be made from the best materials and crafted perfectly. Traditional Bakhtiar rugs had geometric designs but they were later influenced by floral concepts from the nearby Isfahan, which is one of the biggest rug making cities in ancient Persia. The fusion of two distinct patterns became popular in oversized Bakhtiar rugs that were created for royalty. These carpets were so intricate, that it took six years for weavers to complete one rug.

important: Actual rug colors may vary from pictures & description.

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