3 Practical Reasons to Trade-in Your Old Persian Rug

Custom-made rug creation by Jürgen Dahlmanns. Available in Dallas via Arsin Rug Gallery (Photo courtesy of Rug Star Rugs)

Persian rugs can liven up any space which is why many interior designers love using them for their projects. But unlike furniture and other home decors, it’s more challenging to change a rug. For one, all handwoven carpets are one-of-a-kind so finding a similar design is close to impossible. Another reason is cost – Oriental rugs don’t come cheap. They also add more value over time so parting with an old rug has an added financial aspect to it. If you own a hand-knotted rug you’re probably asking yourself, ‘What do I do with an old Persian rug?’ Here are three practical reasons why you should consider trading it in.

You Spend Less For A New Persian Rug

That’s right. Trading in your old area rug will give you a new one for practically nothing. How is that possible? The key lies in finding a reputable rug company with the right expertise and experience. The first thing certified handwoven rug experts will do is give you a fair valuation. Age, condition, and design are just some of the areas they’ll consider. Just bear in mind that their assessment is in no way the same as the market value of your rug. You could have an antique piece but in terrible shape which greatly reduces its overall value.

After determining how much your rug is worth, you can now choose a new one from their inventory for the same or higher value. If you opt for a more expensive rug, you just pay the difference which is still less than the full price of a brand new rug. If your choice happens to fall below the old one’s value, you can get credits for a future purchase or even spend them on rug services you might need down the road.

You Save Money on Cleaning and Repair Services for Your Old Persian Rug

Handwoven rugs can last for decades or even centuries if taken care of properly. But they require special attention which you might not have the time or the right equipment for. As a rug owner, you probably know professional carpet cleaning requires a substantial investment especially if you have an heirloom piece. But if you’re ready to let go of your old rug, trading in will not only give you a fresh new piece to decorate your home with but also spare you the hassle and expense.

You Get to Update Your Home Interiors For Less Money

Redecorating your home is not only time consuming but can also drain your finances if you’re not careful. Trading in your old rug will help you solve two problems right off the bat. One, you’re no longer stuck with an old rug with a style that doesn’t suit you. Two, you get a new area rug for way less money and with plenty of options to choose from. In addition, you don’t need to store old rugs and spend money on their care. Once you take out the old piece, your home now becomes a blank canvas which you can style to your liking. 

Author: Carlo Vincent Mollenido


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