Interior Design: The Healing Power of A Beautiful Home

Thrift Studio 2022. Photo by Aaron Dougherty, courtesy of Dwell with Dignity.

Dwell with Dignity taps into interior design to help families bounce back from poverty and social injustice. 

Interior design is a familiar concept for most people. There are different ways of going about doing it, but ultimately, the goal is always the same – to create a space that is both visually appealing and physically enjoyable to be in. In essence, it’s what makes a house a home. And for Dallas-based nonprofit agency, Dwell with Dignity, designing home interiors for poverty-stricken families is a great and effective way to empower them to get back on their feet.

Transforming Lives with Interior Design

Photo by Aaron Dougherty. Courtesy of Dwell with Dignity.

One of the biggest challenges in addressing financial hardship and homelessness is how to help people become productive members of society again. In many cases, being provided with food, shelter, and even jobs only go so far until they’re back to square one again. 

When families are displaced, they not only lose material things but also their identities as functioning members of the community. Parents struggle to find or keep employment. Children perform poorly in school or worse, end up quitting and become vulnerable to negative influences. This is where interior design can fill in a gap.

Dwell with Dignity interior designers go beyond creating stylish living spaces. They also ensure they are safe and functional where every member of the household can thrive. This in turn, helps improve self-esteem and promote a positive outlook in life. And for anyone who’s trying to bounce back from poverty, it’s an incredibly powerful feeling to have. 

The impact of having a beautiful home is so remarkable that agency studies show 95% of families struggling with employment have been able to hold down their jobs for at least a year after their home transformation. Students also showed improved performance in school and children displayed positive behavior. And the best thing? Everyone in the program was able to say they have regained control of their lives which is a crucial element in the healing process. 

Thrift Studio: A One of a Kind Fundraiser

Thrift Studio 2022. Photo courtesy of Dwell with Dignity.

The work to provide struggling families with beautiful homes requires extraordinary effort and resources to which the interior design community in Dallas and even from beyond has responded to with extreme kindness and unbelievable support. Thrift Studio, a fundraising event started by Dwell with Dignity in 2011, has grown to be one of the most highly anticipated gatherings of designers, decorators, and lovers of beautiful home decor.   

Thrift Studio 2022. Photo courtesy of Dwell with Dignity.

Apart from 100% of the proceeds going to funding for DwD programs, what sets Thrift Studio apart from similar pop-up shops is the dazzling array of unique and one of a kind home furnishings that can be had for a great discount. From breathtaking Persian rugs to high end decor and furniture, it’s truly a must-see and experience event. 

In addition to offering great finds and deals, Thrift Studio also highlights collaborative work with top interior designers, showrooms, and beloved design retailers. Shoppers and participants are treated to stunning design creations and concepts featuring all items that are for sale. 

Living in Beauty is Living in Dignity

While all the glitz and glamor get people’s attention when it comes to interior design, it’s the power to transform people’s homes and lives that keeps Dwell with Dignity working hard to grow and share their mission with more families. After all, everyone deserves a shot at living a life of dignity inside a beautiful home.  

Thrift Studio 2022. Photo courtesy of Dwell with Dignity.

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