Handwoven Persian Rugs are Organic and Highly Sustainable

Last updated on: May 13, 2024

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Handwoven Persian Rugs are Organic and Highly Sustainable

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Organic and eco-friendly area rugs are not just a passing trend. They have been around for centuries with the oldest known piece said to have been made over two thousand years ago. It’s for this very reason why Persian and Oriental carpets are highly sought after. 

Arsin Rug Gallery has been in the Persian rug business for over three generations and we have seen how the industry has evolved through the years. We’ve witnessed the emergence of new rug-making technologies and wholeheartedly embraced the wonders of the internet. But through it all, we are proud to say we remain steadfast in our commitment to only make products using environment-friendly materials from highly sustainable resources.

Our organic and eco-friendly area rugs are primarily made from the finest quality of raw materials that passed ARG’s rigid standards for sustainability and eco-friendliness. We work together with our suppliers to ensure that all the beautiful rugs we produce do not harm the environment or adversely affect the planet’s valuable natural resources. In addition to our commitment to minimize our footprint on the planet, we also make sure all our rugs are 100% organic and chemical-free. We can guarantee that our products don’t pose health hazards to people and pets alike.

As part of our efforts to help protect the planet through our products, we have come up with a custom-rug service for our clients who share our passion for preserving Mother Nature. With the guidance of our Persian rug experts, we offer them the unique experience of designing their own rugs using certified sustainable materials and the artistic skills of our rug weavers in Iran.

Author: Carlo Vincent Mollenido

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