Handmade Rug Buying Guide: Custom or Ready-Made?

Handmade Rug Buying Guide: Custom or Ready-Made?

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There are currently two popular ways to shop for handmade area rugs; go rug hunting for a ready-made piece or get expert help for creating one from scratch. Whichever route you prefer to take, both options have pros and cons you need to consider before setting a course for it. 

When to Shop Ready-Made Handmade Rugs

Just like any other pre-fabricated product, ready-made handmade rugs save you time and money. If you’re doing a space redesign for an event or special occasion, going down this road is a practical choice. Thousands of rugs are available both online and in retail stores everywhere. You can set a budget, choose a design, match colors with furniture and decor, and schedule a delivery at any time.  

For projects that require extensive work and with multiple spaces to furnish, ready-made rugs offer the best solution in terms of variety. You can go modern in the living area while keeping traditional pieces in the dining room and kitchen. There’s also a wide range of color combinations to choose from as well as sizes. You even have a choice as to what sort of rug material you want which is very helpful if you’re allergic to certain fabrics or if you have pets at home.    

Off the shelf, handmade options include antique Persian rugs which are among the grandest of rugs. They not only make your space look good but they also add character. To top it all off, these centuries-old carpets increase in value over time which is the reason why so many of them are handed down as heirloom pieces.       

When to Consider Custom Handmade Rugs

Not everyone enjoys shopping online or have the time to hop from one handmade rug store to another. If this feels like you, then custom-made rugs are definitely right up your alley. But it’s not just the precious time and energy you’re saving that makes it an attractive prospect. 

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Bespoke rugs give you the freedom to design a space exactly how you imagined it. You don’t have to worry about matching colors and fabrics with furniture or compromising your vision for what is available in the market. And while it takes time to customize a handmade rug, you actually have more days to spend on other aspects of your design project as you wait for its arrival.

Tailor-made rugs are best for new homes and total make-overs where you’re given carte-blanche authority to design. They could also work for modern spaces that require a certain level of edge and uniqueness. However, the biggest concern most interior designers and homeowners have with custom rugs is setting a budget limit since it’s really easy to splurge.

You need to find an expert rug maker who can break down all the important elements of rug custom work. This will let you take control of the entire process; from selecting the kind of fiber to use down to the color of dyes to be applied. By doing this, you’re not only able to set a price point but also ensure that you’re not wasting money on things you don’t need.

Author: Carlo Vincent Mollenido

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