Designing With Oushak Rugs: 3 Living Spaces Where a Floral Rug Can Shine


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Oushak rugs are the most recognizable among Oriental rug styles. Its familiar floral patterns are adored by many designers and collectors all over the world. They’re made by master weavers who have been handed down this unique art through generations. Moreover, their large-scale patterns and sophisticated color palettes are highly sought after in modern and contemporary interiors.  

Originated from Western Turkey in the town of Uzak, production of these incredible rugs began in the 15th century. Since then demand for Oushak rugs have been consistently on the rise. They’ve become a favorite among interior designers because of its wonderful mix of floral and geometric designs. These are perfect decorative pieces for homes. If you fancy possessing an antique oushak rug, here are three living spaces where these valuable floral rugs can shine. 


Living Room

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Welcome your family and guests with an elegant antique Oushak rug in your living room. Some Oushak rugs are designed with warm, earth colors and large sizes that can be good living room rugs. This will add warmth and a welcoming vibe to your space dedicated for entertaining friends, socializing, or watching television. 





Dining Room

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Create a romantic vibe in your dining room by placing a floral rug that is just the right size under your table. Darker-colored oushak rugs would be best in the dining area since spills are inevitable. Oushak rugs are commonly made of wool which are good material for a high traffic area such as the dining area. 






Add style to your kitchen with a large kitchen area rug that covers your floor or a slim kitchen runner. An Oushak runner rug would be perfect. The floral design adds some color and personality to your usual stiff-looking workspace. A rug can soften up your space filled with hard surfaces and modern appliances. 

Oushak rugs are truly remarkable and their versatility makes them easy to use in virtually all your favorite spaces at home. And they offer great value too; they are fine, intricately hand woven rugs that will last for a very long time.

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