Area Rug Guide: Oushak Rugs

Area Rug Guide: Oushak Rugs

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If you’re in the market for a handmade area rug, there’s a big chance you’ve seen photos of Oushak rugs online and on interior design magazines. And if you follow the world’s top home designers on social media, there’s no doubt you’ll see more than a couple of them sing praises for the gorgeous #oushak wool carpet. There are several reasons why it’s highly sought after and why you should seriously consider it as a flooring design option for your favorite space. 

Oushak Rug History and Origin

Like other handwoven carpets and rugs, the Oushak got its name from its birthplace – a city in Turkey called ‘Usak.’ What’s so special about its origin? Usak is situated in the western part of Anatolia which is also called Asia Minor. It’s geographically the part of Turkey that extends into the Asian continent which was a big factor in the rise of the Ottoman Empire. It’s also why Turkey has one of the richest and most diverse cultures in the world today.
Usak was one of the bigger towns in Western Anatolia and during the start of the Ottoman reign, it became a major production site for handmade wool carpets. They were originally called Anatolian rugs but due to the superior quality of their work, weavers in Usak gained prominence and soon even rugs made in other nearby cities and towns claimed they were of ‘Ushak’ origin. 

Oushak Patterns, Designs, and Colors

Oushak rugs are traditionally designed with ‘Star’ or ‘Medallion’ patterns. They are often infused with floral motifs making them stand out and catch the attention of anyone who enters a room or a living space with this type of area rug. These ornate details also appear on its borders that give the carpet a picture frame effect wherein the center field is highlighted with large medallions or star patterns. 
Oushak rugs often use dark ivory or golden background which matches well with fine wool used for making them. The patterns usually come in terracotta colors such as red, brown, orange, yellow and some hints of blue and gray. 

Why Choose an Oushak Rug

Because of its floral design details, Oushak rugs are favored by many interior designers for ‘softening’ design elements in a space. This is especially true in homes that use modern furniture and decor. It’s earthy color palette also exudes warmth which should be a great plus if you’re living in colder regions. Oushaks are also made from high-quality wool which you’ll notice with its long piles. And you will definitely notice the excellent craftsmanship of this rug as soon as you touch it with your hand or if you walk barefoot on it. 
There are other Persian and Oriental rugs that are considerably more luxurious and opulent than the Oushak rug but it’s hard to beat the versatility it gives you in decorating a space. You can use it practically anywhere inside your home or even outside. All you really need with an Oushak is a little imagination.  

Author: Carlo Vincent Mollenido

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