Antique Shopping is Fun in Dallas Design District

The historic neighborhood is no longer just a hub of upscale designer-only showrooms. It’s transformed into a place for people who love the vibe of modern living and eclectic mix of products from all over the world. (Photo taken from Dallas Design District website)

Antique shopping is big in Texas. Every year, thousands flock to visit various cities and towns in the Lone Star state to hunt for treasures from centuries ago. Dallas is no exception. And one neighborhood that’s great for shopping antique items can be found in the heart of the city. 

The Design District of Dallas has evolved from being an industrial zone to a vibrant ‘live-play-work’ neighborhood where interior design fans and practitioners converge to enjoy the ‘hunt’ for unique home fashion pieces – from exotic Asian chandeliers to some of the world’s finest Persian rugs and carpets. If you like old but beautiful things, this is one stop in North Texas that should be on top of your list.

Antique Shopping is Fun in Dallas

It’s hard to beat the convenience of online shopping, especially if you’re looking for antiques. But once you set foot on Dallas Design District grounds, you’ll realize why so many people love to come and look for treasures here. Sure, it’s got this reputation for being upscale and swanky, which is a holdover from a bygone era when only designers and their elite clientele were given audience by showroom operators. It’s no longer the norm these days as many homeowners prefer going the DIY route in buying home decor and furniture. And with the number of retail stores rapidly dwindling down in the last couple of years, companies here would be remiss to shut out the public.

Antique shopping in the district can be quite the experience. For starters, it’s fun and enjoyable to move from one shop to the next since most of them are bunched close together especially inside the chic Dallas Design Center along the Stemmons Freeway. There is also great incentive in having all these premium showrooms in the area – you can be sure you’re buying from reputable antique stores run by specialists and experts.

But the biggest draw for the district is its rich history and how it organically transformed from a warehouse zone into a modern lifestyle center not just for locals but visitors from all over the world as well. In fact, many of the old buildings are still standing and recent developers have done a great job resisting the urge to demolish everything to start from scratch. And for someone who loves collecting pieces from the past, this will no doubt feel like heaven. 

Author: Carlo Vincent Mollenido

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