Add More Style to Your Home with Staircase Runner Rugs

Add More Style to Your Home with Staircase Runner Rugs

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Staircase runners add color and texture plus an extra layer of protection to your stairs.

Each part of the home is as important as the other. Attending different purposes, each space in the home must be given adequate consideration when it comes to design and development. However, we often overlook some hidden spaces, assuming the style must be more present in areas such as the family room, dining or kitchen. This results in the neglect of important décor spaces, such as stairways, halls and entries and often those spaces turn basic and dreary. Yet, there is one idea that can be explored to rapidly convert these dull spaces into delightful spaces — the handmade staircase runner.

Staircase runners are long, trim rugs that are frequently rectangular in shape. Commonly used for constricted spaces like stairways, hallways and entryways.

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Different from rugs and carpets, which typically serve as a central point of a room, a runner will function to function as an accompanying decor or to the stair space. Aside from the spectacular visual charm and supplementary aesthetics that they add to a space, they are also common for the everyday role and assistances that they provide.

Envision a handmade rug for every step. Custom handmade stair runners are a practical and elegant solution for your stairs by preventing slippage, softening noise, and emphasizing woodwork, and ultimately contributing to the overall design in your home.

Arsin Rug Gallery provides custom handmade stair runners aimed to make any staircase look stylish and attractive because the entrance is an important part of the decor and gives the first impression for your guests. With unique selections in our inventory, a dedicated installation team, and an ability to match any existing design, Arsin Rug Gallery is committed to thinking outside the box and creating the unique look for its clients and include dedicated installation for each project.

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