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Anatolian rugs are made by vivid colors and abstract motifs, mixed with traditional tribal patterns. It needs a varirty of  tools are needed in the construction of handmade rug. Anatolia, that is to say the Asiatic part of Turkey, is one of the world’s most important carpet-producing areas, with areas such as Iran, the Caucasus, Afghan Turkestan, India and China.  Makers of handmade rugs use natural fibers. The most common material used for the pile are wool, silk and cotton.

The most important groups from the point of view of a student of carpets are the Armenians, the Greeks, the Kurds and the yuruks. The warp and weft threads of most Anatolian capets are generally of sheep’s wool. The carpet illustrated owes its distinctive character to the way in which its pastel shades are carefully blended.

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