12’8″ x 19’9″


Rare antique Persian rug handwoven in the 1920s from the finest sheep’s wool and colored with all-natural vegetable dyes that are safe for humans and pets. It’s woven by master weavers of Yazd featuring an elegant ensemble of floral designs in deep red with hints of black and white over an ivory field. It’s a stunning piece to get for contemporary and rustic spaces. It has a dimension of 12’6’ x 19’9” which is ideal for living rooms and dining areas.

Yazd is the capital city of Yazd Province which sits in-between famous rug centers, Kerman and Isfahan. Like all towns and villages in ancient Persia, it too became an important contributor to the development of Persian fine rugs. Taking a cue from weavers of neighboring production sites, Yazd weaving started out in the style of Kerman which is why many of these rugs are mistaken for each other. But with the rise of Western demand, many Kerman makers opted to use cheaper materials in able to keep up. Yazd weavers did not cave in and maintained their excellent craftsmanship, making this design one of the most sought after and highly-prized.

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