3’2″ x 4’10”


Antique Persian area rug handwoven from the finest sheep’s wool. It’s colored with all-natural vegetable dyes that are safe for humans and pets. It’s a traditional Shiraz design handwoven by expert artisans. It’s a lovely area rug that can be incorporated with virtually any home interior design. It has a dimension of 3’2″ x 4’10” which works well for living rooms, hallways and bedrooms.

The Shiraz rug finds its roots in a city located in Fars Province of Iran bearing the same name. The tribes who first created them were not nomadic and preferred to settle down in Shiraz which allowed them to make larger rugs by using fixed looms. One of the distinctive traits of the Shiraz rug is its use of the nightingale – an angular weaving pattern depicting birds.

Important: Actual Rug Colors May Vary From Pictures & Description.

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