3’9″ x 13’3″


Antique Persian runner rug handwoven from the finest sheep’s wool and colored with all-natural vegetable dyes that are safe for humans and pets. It’s a traditional Malayer design featuring ‘Boteh’ details in red, yellow, navy and brown. It resembles a tribal motif which makes it a beautiful piece for decorating contemporary and rustic spaces. It has a dimension of 3’9” x 13’3” which is ideal for hallways, entryways, and big kitchens.


Malayer is a village that can be found close to Hamadan and Sarouk – both well known rug making centers in ancient Persia. Unlike other rug producing areas that made large sized carpets, Malayer weavers focused more on making smaller area and runner rugs. These rugs are identifiable by the ‘Boteh’ or sprouting seed patterns and use of navy blue as background. Common colors used in Malayer rugs are tan/pink, gold, sky blue, and red.    


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Dimensions 133 × 39 in

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