We are proud to unveil the designers behind our inaugural Arsin Rug Gallery Design Council. Their mission is to elevate your vision and expand your understanding of fine rugs by offering a more comprehensive look at interior design and ways to incorporate fine rugs for a more complete and polished look in any space. Our Design Council members embody some of the industry’s most talented and seasoned professionals in the Dallas market and we are honored to collaborate with them over the next 2 years.


Sherry Hayslip is a multi-award-winning interior designer known for her innovative designs and sophisticated style. Entrepreneur, Designer, Writer and Curator of all things evoking beauty and meaning, Sherry brings careful and thoughtful attention to all aspects of her work. Her company’s range of influence spans from residential and commercial interior design to a luxury retail boutique, featuring one-of-a-kind home furnishings, decorative accessories, jewelry, gifts and objects d’art. With a signature style, that encases beautiful design with an element of surprise and spontaneity, Hayslip successfully blends a wide array of styles, all while keeping her clients unique set of values and most treasured sentiments at the forefront of her design process.

Her work attracts A-list clientele including major sports team owners, celebrities, art dealers and many other clients recognized by Forbes magazine. She has designed exceptional interiors for her clients around the world from Sonoma, Cape Cod, Mexico, the Caribbean islands and beyond.

“When thinking about the size and style of a rug I, of course, think about the use of the room, the function of the room and the impact the room wants to have.”


Russ Peters and Bill Cates focus on creating tailor-made spaces, specializing in design + build + furnish. Since 2001, Peters and Cates have been providing smart design solutions that enhance both the homes and lives of their clients.

“Really great design is made up of layers–it’s all about layering–texture, color and quality. ”

“It’s important to educate a client that fine rugs are an investment that will last a lifetime.”


Chad Dorsey creates refined interiors that balance tailored style with the spirit of modern living.

Trained as an architect, his approach to every space is characterized by a fluid relationship to the architecture where proportion, light, and scale are as essential as taste and lifestyle. His aesthetic is best described as “relaxed luxury” which is defined by a quiet palette, custom furnishings with handcrafted details, meaningful objects, and a true sense of the people who live there. He believes furnishings should be impactful without being overwhelming, and rooms should flow and transition seamlessly.

Whether designing an island vacation home in the Pacific North West, a surf shack in Dallas, or rural retreat in the California Central Valley, Chad brings subtle, relaxed luxury to every project, along with two decades of experience.

“I love using rugs in my designs because they offer a level of richness and add a lot of depth to the space.”


Seasoned interior designer and expert thinker on sustainable living, Shelly brings 20 years of experience to the interior design community and continues to contribute to the national conversation on sustainable, adaptive design and its impact on human health and well-being. She has built her career in design on the premise of “living well”, an ideology that for Shelly, goes far beyond creating beautiful spaces.

Shelly has mastered the multifaceted approach required for achieving sustainable living and believes a sustainable environment should be available to all, regardless of the unique needs various individuals may require. Although her designs are always stunning, her priority is less on creating physical beauty, and more on helping others improve their overall quality of life. She does this by composing supportive and adaptive environments that help foster mental, emotional and physical well-being, as well as environments that accelerate growth, awareness and human progress.

“I love using fine rugs because it’s such a responsible thing to do, to buy well made items that are hand crafted and last you a lifetime.”


Chelsea Hargrave, Allied ASID, is an award winning Interior Designer in Dallas, TX. A Southern California native, Chelsea came to Dallas in 2009 after graduating from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. For over seven years, Chelsea excelled at one of the leading design firms in Dallas where she advanced to the role of Senior Designer. With her keen eye for materials and furnishings combined with her knowledge of architectural detail and construction, Chelsea is able to guide her clients through all phases of a comprehensive interior design project. Superior quality, style and a client-centered approach is what Chelsea Hargrave Interiors strives to deliver to their clients.

“I’m excited to be apart of the Arsin Rug Gallery Council and to be amongst so many talented designers and to have an array of beautiful rugs to choose from.”