THe design of Joshaghan rugs are generally made up with a diamond central medallion and all-over geometric floral motifs. The main colour is mostly either deep red or deep blue with lighter colours making up the borders and motifs.
The village of Joshagan is of note for the fact that, for two centuries, its weavers have woven only two designs, ignoring the influence of fashion and demand. And unlike thousands of other villages in Persia, they have remained true to the designs that have brought renown across the world. Joshagan is in southwest Iran, some 70 miles south of Isfahan.
Rugs from Joshagon are generally red in background, but sometimes navy, ivory, and rarely, a beautiful mustard yellow.
The design of the rugs produced by the weavers of Joshagan are more similar to the rugs from the Hamadan region rather than the close by city of Isfahan. The nearby village of Mehmeh uses a design very similar to the Joshagan and these are sometimes known as Mehmeh Joshagans. Mehmeh rugs usually have a much finer weave.

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