Bakshaish is a town in Northwest Persia on the banks of the Talke Rud River.
Bakshaish is the oldest rug weaving town in Persian Azerbaijan, located 60 miles east of the great city of Tabriz. It is known for carpets with highly artistic, massively diversified abstracted versions of age-old tribal and classical Persian motifs.
The finest ancient Bakshaish (also written Bakhshayesh or Bakshish) carpets are often larger (811 to 1317) with a geometric, folklore flavor found primarily in small tribal rugs.

Antique Bakshaish carpets resemble the Sultanabad carpets of Central Persia in their softness of color and line, but with designs drawn to significantly more free form, improvisational, and geometric proportions.
This is a collection of folk art compositions.
Bakshaish rugs and carpets are a kind of tapestry found in north-west Iran. Bakshaish, Heris County, may be a town on the banks of the Aji Chay within the Heris region. Situated within the mountainous region 60 miles east of the massive city of Tabriz, Bakshaish is that the oldest rug weaving village within the district, noted for carpets with diverse abstract adaptations of age-old tribal and classical Persian motifs.

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