“Azerbaijani carpets are well-known around the world for their outstanding artistic value and good quality. This carpet can be a fantastic investment for your home: it can last for generations and will not only lose its color and appeal, but will also increase in value and expense.
Red, blue, green, yellow, and cream are the most common hues in Azerbaijani carpets. Turquoise-colored carpets, for example, are almost certainly made in Iran, where the color is particularly popular. Every region has its own popular color palettes, and understanding them allows you to quickly identify the carpet’s origin.
Azerbaijani carpets are available in both flat and pile weaves. The most popular flat-weave carpets made in Azerbaijan nowadays are known as “”Soumak”” and “”Kilim,”” and are made from sheep wool. The manufacturing procedures and patterns for carpets and “”Soumak”” are completely different. Because of their increased density, “”Soumak”” carpets created in the north of the country are more expensive than those made in the south. The majority of Azerbaijani carpets are made of wool (lamb or sheep).

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